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Reach Out To New Homeowners
The Most Cost Effective Way To Get New Customers

Direct Marketing To New Homeowners

Different U.S. Households Change Residence Every Year
New Business Relationships Are Established In The First Few months Of A New Resident
Is Spent By New Homeowners Within The First Few Months
Highest Point In Over A Decade

Direct Mail Response Rate

2016 Response Rate


Put Your Name In Front Of Them

New Buying Habits

New homeowners are new to the area and will need new places to spend their money. We are creatures of habit and tend to patronize places that we first went to when we moved in. Reaching out to them while they are still establishing buying habits is essential to make sure that you secure these customers long-term. This is one of the few times that homeowners will establish new habits, so it is even more crucial to reach out to them in their first couple months of living there.

Replace Customers Moving Out

Preexisting Homes

95% of new homeowners are moving into preexisting homes, which means that some of your current customers could be moving out of the area. Reaching out to the new homeowners can help you replace the ones moving out along with gaining other new customers.

Multiple Ways To Take Advantage

What We Provide

Put It On Any Mailers You Have

Mailing Labels

The labels have the new homeowners first name, last name, and address, so you can stick it on anything you already have printed. The pressure sensitive labels are self-adhesive and can be easily removed from the wax backing and applied by hand to your mailing piece. (Label Size: 3″ x 15/16″)

Track Your Response Rate

Tracking List

These easy to read listings are great for your sales staff, or use them to follow up on a mailing. They are in zip code sequence and include information such as name, address, phone number, mortgage amount, and more.

Please note: As of October 1, 2003 the latest National Do Not Call rules do not allow us to legally scrub against the National Do Not Call List. For details go to www.ftc.gov.

Email & Disc

Want It In File Form?

Receive your list or formatted file even faster, we can send them to your email address. Our leads are available in ASCII (comma-delimited & fixed formats) dbase; Comma-Delimited (CSV) or Microsoft word formats. Which can then be put onto CD’s or emailed to your email address. You can use this to print the new homeowners directly on your mailing piece or upload it into a computer program of your choice. This also allows you to send out follow-up mailers using the file.

You Will Get Actual New Homeowners

95% Accuracy Rate Guarantee

We guarantee a 95% accuracy rate on our labels. Keep in mind that you may experience a small 3-5% undeliverable rate due to errors in government records or new streets that the postal service is not fully aware of. If you experience anything greater or have any other questions, please call our customer care department.

From Our Customers

  • My first experience with this type of service was a disaster. I had one person call who said I had sent the letter addressed to her parents who had passed away two years ago! When they said I would have a 10% failure rate they knew what they were talking about. I had about 10% of my letters returned just like they had promised. I tried for three months and did not get one sale from this. I swore at that time “Never Again”. So when NewPros® called and wanted me to do this – I said no. My advertising in the local newspaper was very expensive and was not very productive. I called NewPros® back and told them that I would use this for a limited time. I have been doing this for several months now and have not had one letter returned undeliverable. I have been able to add three to five customers a month using this service. I have also been able to increase my auto policies as they usually move those to me too… to get the discount. I highly recommend this to anyone who would like a stress free way to increase his or her business. I get the labels mailed directly to my office and all I have to do is put them on the envelopes and add my information.

    Dean Johnson
    Career Agent, Financial Services
  • We have been using NewPros® for over six months and we have been very pleased with everyone in your organization. Since receipt of the first list we have been impressed with the accuracy and quality of the leads. We are also impressed with the sample letters and marketing suggestions that were included in the new client information. We have started to see a dramatic pick up in the calls that we are receiving from our mailings. We have added about 10 new clients from the use of the list which has been about 10x return on our money. We have not been following up with phone calls but we are about to start implementing that and we expect that our success rate will quadruple at that point. I would like to commend your company and all of the helpful employee/associates that make it a pleasure to do business with NewPros.

    Charles C. Conour, Jr.
    President, Conour Insurance, Inc.
  • The NewPros service has greatly attributed to the growth of our company in the generation of new customers. Most consultants project a 3% return rate on advertising. Our projected return is 10% every time we utilize NewPros® leads.

    Bruce Shaffer
    President, Shaffer Landscape, Inc.
  • I have been purchasing your leads on a monthly basis for several years and we have found that we have added at least 40 new clients per year because of our relationship.

    Randall E. McGill
    CFP, Homer Financial Services
  • Due to the fact that your lists are current, accurate and can include phone numbers we have been able to write between 300 and 400 new policies over the last 7 years.

    Mike Rudy
    Brokerage Manager

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