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Your Business Can't Survive Without New Customers

NewPros Can Help You

The key to your success lies in the ability to obtain new business. We give you the ability to reach out to all the new homeowners moving into your area while they are still deciding where to spend their money. We allow you to bring in a steady stream of new customers and continued growth.

Every month that I have used NewPros leads I have been able to close 5-7 policies, which is a profit of right around $700.

David Schwenk
Allstate Insurance
Your Business Can't Survive Without New Customers

Competitive Advantage

Your customer base is constantly changing. When someone buys a home and moves into your area, someone else sold that home and moved out of your area. That may have been one of your customers moving out!

Every business needs a steady stream of new customers to replace lost ones, and to grow.

The first step is to identify your opportunity. Our FREE area analysis provides you with valuable information. Customized by County, City, a service radius or by specific Zip Codes, you become aware of the level of change within your area.

We provide a customized quote of the number of real estate closings based on a yearly average.

New Residents Are The People To Target

Prized Prospects

Some families moving in may have come from across town, the other side of the state, maybe even from out of state. No matter where they have come from they are now in your area and are new potential customers.

Securing a relationship with these families now can deliver long-term profits. The new home owner remains at their residence for an average of seven years. They are going to be seeking a church, a dry cleaner, a beauty salon, dining establishments, lawn care services, an insurance agent, a dentist, a doctor and many other businesses in their community. Because they have no pre-established buying habits, their business is available for you to secure. A new resident will spend more money on home related items in the first year after the move than any other time.

They will replace old furniture that does not match their new decor. They will build decks, patios, upgrade the landscaping, remodel a bathroom, and replace carpeting and windows. They will spend a lot of time and money on these projects.

Deliver Specific Messages And Increase New Business

Target Marketing

It can fit almost any budget, it’s profitability can be accurately evaluated and bottom-line it works for small businesses.

Target marketing includes promotions to a focused audience in a specific area. It is highly personalized. Targeted direct-mail is individually addressed. Targeted mail works for small businesses to deliver specific messages and increase new business.

Compared to mass-mail…

Mass-mail is considered to be “junk mail”… there is no personalization – addressed such as “Dear Occupant” or “Current Resident”. Mass-mail can reach the wrong audience… such as your existing customers or those who have established buying habits that are hard to change.

Targeted Mail with NewPros… We help you reach people new to your specific area who probably do not have established relationships and are just beginning to form buying habits.

Quality Leads For Over 30 Years

Founded In 1985

NewPros Communications Inc. has been helping other businesses grow since 1985. Founded as Prospects Unlimited offering several types of local lead services in Columbus, Ohio we have since changed our name to NewPros Communications, specialized in New Homeowner leads, and expanded to cover major metropolitan areas in 38 states including D.C.