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Frequently Asked Questions

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Question:Can I get more than one set of labels?

Yes, we can add any number of duplicate labels to your current order, or send copies of labels that you have previously received.

Question:Can I get the information on disk?

Yes, we can offer your information on disk containing data files. This allows you to import them into a database that you currently have or would create. Simply call your account executive or our customer service department, and request a test disk to determine compatibility with your computer system and software.

Question:Where do you get new homeowner information?

This information comes directly from the county courthouse in your area. The Deed Recorder’s office releases this information on a regular basis for public use. We utilize several different methods of data transmission to obtain this information which varies from courthouse to courthouse. We then take several steps to clean and enhance the data. We access telephone records and directories to obtain numbers as some are new and not printed in the directories yet.

Question:Does this information include condominiums?

Yes, as long as the condo is purchased and occupied by the actual owner. We do not provide information on renters.

Question:Can this information be used more than once?

Yes, you are licensing the information, not leasing it. We require only that you do not re-sell information to another user.

Question:Why is my city name not on the labels, just the name of the closest large town?

The Post Office recognizes only one city name for a zip code, therefore your city may not be shown, but the information will be delivered in the same timely manner.

Question:What if more than 5% of the mailers get returned?

If for some reason you experience a return rate greater than the 5%, please mail us all of the returned mail and you will receive a credit for those leads once we process them.

Question:Can I return the leads?

Unfortunately, since the leads are customized specifically for your business we can not accept returns.

Question:How long do I have to use the program?

We have a minimum of 4 consecutive month agreement, but you can cancel at anytime after the 4-months as it will go month to month after that. We have this in place so you can truly evaluate how well our program works. In the 4th month you are still seeing results from the first, second and third months.