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Purchase New Homeowner Leads Today!
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About Us

NewPros Communications
NewPros® Communications

Founded In 1985

NewPros Communications Inc. has been helping other businesses grow since 1985. Founded as Prospects Unlimited offering several types of local lead services in Columbus, Ohio we have since changed our name to NewPros Communications, specialized in New Homeowner leads, and expanded to cover major metropolitan areas in 38 states including D.C.

Our History

NewPros is built on our commitment to quality. We absolutely strive to have the freshest (in many markets weeks or months ahead of the competition) and highest quality (an unmatched 95% guarantee) information available.

NewPros Communications supplies businesses with a fresh list every month, or several back months can be ordered at once. In most areas names can be selected by county, zip code, purchase price of home, or percentage of equity. All subscriptions are on a month to month basis after an initial 4 month commitment.

We help you contact the new people in your area – before they establish buying habits with your competitor. Call us today. Join the hundreds of thousands of customers who have used our service to cost effectively and profitably grow their businesses.

Why You Should Choose Us

The Difference

Your Business Can’t Survive Without New Customers. Every business needs a steady stream of new customers to replace lost customers and to continue growing. Your customer base is constantly changing. All it takes is two easy steps to keep your business growing:

Identify your opportunity
That’s where NewPros can help with our free area analysis.
You can customize potential customer information by county,
city, zip code, or service area.

Take action – immediately!
Be the first to market to the potential customers in your area.

Survive and thrive. Use our new home owner system to acquire new customers and grow your competitive advantage.

Prized Prospects that Deliver Profits

Why We Specialize In New Homeowners

Securing a relationship with new residents now delivers long-term results. The new home owner remains at their residence an average of seven years. You can target these potential customers before they establish buying habits in your area.

Once a new resident has purchased their home, they will spend more money on home related items in the first year than at any other time. Once you become aware of the long-term value of reaching families moving into your area, you realize the impact you can make on your sales.

Growing NewPros

The Future

We are looking to expand to new territories from the 38 states we currently serve to all 48 continental states. We look forward to continue to help businesses reach out to new homeowners and attract long-term customers. Our mission is to grow NewPros into a national lead source that provides our customers with the tools to target new and overlooked markets.