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How To Use

What do I get?

With each monthly package, you will receive mailing labels and a tracking list. The mailing label has the first name, last name, and address on it. You will also receive a tracking list that includes the name and address along with more information on the new homeowner. It will also include the price of the home, mortgage amount/lender (if applicable), the date the transaction was filed, and a phone number if it was on file. The phone number will be scrubbed against the state do not call list and will be indicated if it is on the list. The list will also indicate if the home was a new construction. You can also get this in a digital format.

What should I send out?

You should send out what you already have printed. Nothing is more cost-effective than using what you have to send out mailers. With that being said, standard size postcards seem to have the best response rate as the new homeowner doesn’t need to open anything to see the mailer. Depending on your type of business, different things work better. For some businesses, sending a letter welcoming them to the neighborhood seems to work better.

Should I add something to the mailer?

Adding a coupon to your mailer will allow it to stand out more and have a call to action. It also gives them a reason to try something new since they will get a discount. Adding an expiration date to the mailer creates urgency to get them to come to your business sooner.

How do I track them?

You can use whatever program you use at your business to track new customers. Some people just use the actual tracking list to cross reference new customers. An easy way to track customers from our list is to create a coupon so they bring something in. If you are testing different flyers, you could create a coupon code for each one.

Should I follow up?

Following up with new customers is always a great way to keep them coming back. An easy way is to reach out to any new homeowner who has a phone number and not on the state do not call list, is to call them. You can always send out a follow-up postcard to bring them back. You can simply call in and we can set you up with a new order for another set of labels for those customers to send a follow-up mailer.

Common Questions

How do I pay for my package?

We accept all types of credit cards, ACH, paper checks, and money orders. You can call in to 800-837-5478 at any time to pay an open invoice or you can send a paper check back with your invoice.

What Do I Do With Returns?

If you receive greater than a 5% return rate for a given monthly package, please mail the returns back to 155 Hidden Ravines Drive, Powell, OH 43065. Once we receive them, we will credit your account for the amount of leads over the 5%.

How do I return my package?

Unfortunately we cannot accept returns because every package is customized specifically for your business. If you are missing areas or are getting areas you don’t service, please call customer service at 800-837-5478. We can send you out a new package with the correct areas and make sure that your future packages have the new areas.

When will I get my package?

Packages for your area go out around the same day of the month every month. Most packages will get to you within 5 business days of shipping out, but that number can change based on how close you are to us. If you would like to know your approximated ship date, please call customer service at 800-837-5478.

How do I use the file I ordered?

You can choose to receive the leads in a formatted file. The file contains raw data that can be opened with any text editor. When using MS Excel or any other program, you may have to reformat the file as the program may have settings meant for other types of data. Unfortunately, because we don’t know what your settings are and what you are trying to do with the file it makes it hard to help you troubleshoot over the phone. I would contact someone you know or work with that has more knowledge of the program or formatted files.

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